Flour Sac Tea Towels

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Flour Sac Tea Towels, sold by Ribbon Queen Canada.

White Flour Sac Towels

Perfect for personalizing with heat transfer vinyl or embroidery.

Product Details

  • 100 % cotton
  • White
  • Lint Free
  • Ultraabsorbent
  • Size: 28" x 20" (71.1cm x 51cm)

Your choice order one or order 10, 10 pack will look like picture, 1 will be removed from the pack above.

What are flour sac towels you might ask?

Flour sac towels were used during 19th and early 20th-century, basic cooking items including flour, salt, and sugar, were traded in sacks made of 100% cotton. Thus, these flour sacks have been a popular choice for towels due to their soft and absorbent fabric, making them a workhorse of the day today kitchen activities.