Mystery Box of Vinyl - Minimum 1 pound of Vinyl and a blank 50+ Value

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Vinyl Mystery Box Canada, Mystery Box Subscritions Canada, sold by Ribbon Queen Canada

Vinyl / HTV Mystery Box

Ribbon Queen Canada (RQC) has created the perfect boxed set for the vinyl addict. 

Do you love surprises and vinyl? If so your going to love this Sticky Vinyl / Iron On Vinyl Mystery Box.  This box will contain both HTV and adhesive Vinyl. Do you love vinyl and want to try out new colours, or just get started and don't want to buy every colour listed in our bundles currently online? Well this Ribbon Queen Canada Mystery Box is perfect for you.

Each Mystery Box has a retail value of $50+. Each Mystery Box will contain at least 1lb of vinyl products (a combination of adhesive vinyl or iron on vinyl.  The vinyl mystery box will contain a fun mix of surprise items.Our Vinyl Mystery boxes are awesome and a surprise so no asking what's inside, but it will be one of the products listed on our website.  No two mystery box will be identical, we will also include a blank to craft with some of the vinyl on.  You will not be disappointed when you receive your box.

Each Mystery Box will contain an informaional sheet explaining the items included, we will not be including sheets smaller then 6" x 9" and could be as big as 12" x 20" depending on what we are including with the box. If we do include some smaller sheets that is bonus for you and not included with the pound of vinyl you got!

***note please do no request a certain colour or sample this is up to us, if your looking for something specific please order it from the website listing.

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    Mystery box

    Posted by on 2019 Apr 1st

    Absolutly awesome! Will definitely buy again! Packed full of stuff!