Oracal 8510 Etched Glass, Silver or Gold

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Oracal 8510 Adhesive Vinyl Rolls, We are the number one source to find Oracal 8510 in Canada, Available in a choice of 2 colours: gold or silver Shop online at RQC Supply today and support a family run business.

Oracal Vinyl 8510 Etched Glass Cast 12" x the length you choose.

If you want to make signs that look like frosted or sandblasted glass, this vinyl stimulates etched or frosted glass in gold or silver colour is for you. Oracal 8510 is a 3 mil high performance frosted cast film designed to have the same appearance of sandblasted or etched glass. Up to 7 year exterior durability.

Etched glass vinyl helps you create the look of etched or sandblasted glass without all the mess! Create stunning designs on any type of glass. Perfect for drink ware (hand wash, not dishwasher safe) , flower vases, mirrors, windows, glass block, and picture frames! There are so many possibilities!  

What is Oracal 8510? Where can you buy Oracal 8510 Vinyl?

  • 3mls thick (therefore flexible, able to conform to curves and sit flatter).
  • Permanent Solven Adhesive
  • 7 year outdoor durability
  • Reduced Gloss finish to prevent undesired reflection
  • Choice of over 2 colours.

Where can you buy Oracal 8510 Vinyl?

Oracal 8510 Etched Glass Vinyl is available to purchase in Gold Etch or Silver Etch from RQC Supply, located in the heart of South Western Ontario, shippping world wide.

Applications/Area of Use 

  • Developed for long-term indoor and outdoor design with sparkling effects on glass and glass like shop windows and doors. Suitable for use on plotter cutting systems.