Pattern HTV

Where can I use Siser Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Siser Pattern HTV can be applied to a variety of materials of your choosing, including:

How is Siser Pattern HTV made?

Pattern HTV is laminated onto a pressure sensitive carrier sheet that allows for cutting and weeding of very detailed designs. Cut in reverse, weed excess, apply design. ** remember to preheat your garment for 2-3 seconds and apply Medium/Firm Pressure for a full 10-15 seconds. Your carrier sheet is to be peeled HOT or COLD.

What are the recommended accessories for Siser Pattern HTV?

To get the best results from the pattern HTV, use it in combination with the following accessories:

These items are available to make the process of creating your project much easier. Be sure to wait 24-hours before washing your garment to prolong its durability.

What are the costs associated with Siser Pattern HTV?

Many factors impact the costs of the Siser Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl. Siser Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl is a product that originated from Italy. You have the ability to choose the amount of material you need for your project. It is sold in sheets measuring as small as 18” x 12”, or you can choose to order by the yard.

Final Thoughts

Siser is a brand that has provided quality crafting materials for over 40 years. The brand is one that you can trust to provide what you need in a heat transfer vinyl for your project.  Siser Pattern HTV is one of the most trusted brands on the market, it is among the best for anyone who expects great appearance and quality in their garments, and well-worth the expense. Do not settle for any less when using HTV to design a lasting style!

What are the Cutter Settings for Pattern HTV for my cutting machine?:

 NOTE: These settings may vary depending on the condition of the blade and age of machine, remember to always perform a test cut prior to cutting your final design.

What are the Siser Care Instructions for my customers? 

You can relax about your order, our vinyl is fresh, our shelves are stocked, and we are very excited to ship to you!