Embroider Buddy Products

Embroider Buddy Products 

Embroider Buddy is the worlds easiest product to personalize with embroidery, Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).  EB products are the highest quality, easy to embroider, whimsical stuffed animal with  the personalised human touch.  With a completed Embroider Buddy product the excitement from being able to personalize, and customize these stuffed animals with such ease transforming them into a gorgeous one of a kind made to order creature like never before.  EB (embroider buddy) is the inventors of the first embroiderable stuffed animal with the removable stuffed pillow and the line up is growing.

New to the product line up is the 1 - 2- 3 - stockings in a variety of designer colours and elegant materials with hidden zipper/velcro fasteners making them perfect and easy to work with so that you can make a personalized stocking in minutes.

Why Embroider Buddy?

The Embroider Buddy line up of stuffed animals and stockings are created to give the ability for a quick and easy way to customize gifts for customers. With a removable stuffing pouch i the animals makes custom embroidery as wasy as 1 - 2 - 3. The companies end goal is taking everyday products and making them easy for you to personalize with embroidery, HTV (heat transfer vinyl), or sublimation.

We at Ribbon Queen Canada carry both the stuffed animals and christmas stockings, if we don't have what you would like in stock Email Us and we will order the product in for you.