PSV Perm Glitter (651 Equivalent)

Siser Glitter Vinyl Project Ideas

Siser Easy PSV Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Announcing Siser PSV Pressure Sensitive Glitter Vinyl now for sale at Ribbon Queen Canada (RQC), now you can make stickers, window signage, signs and banners with Siser.  Siser has quickly become the name brand you know and trust and this is the new go to adhesive vinyl that can decorate almost any hard surface.  The sticky vinyl adheres quickly.  Go ahead and decorate your electronics, home appliances and much more. 

Sisers' PSV is an ideal thickness making it simple to weed and cut with all craft cutters on the market.  This will soon become your everyday solution to blinging out everything.  The glittery vinyl has a smooth but sparkly finish and even works on curvy situations - get your wine glasses ready and transform any plain items into eye catching treasures easily with Sisers PSV Perm Glitter Vinyl.